Welcome to the home of JINXPAGE framework. If you have created a MySQL DB and you need a fast way to create an admin section, then this framework is for you.

What is JINXPAGE framework?

JINXPAGE is a framework written in PHP on server-side and JS on client side, optimized for fast, well actually very, very fast building REST API service, HTML TABLES and HTML FORMS for your MYSQL DataBase.

After initial creation, developer will be able to quickly change any element on these forms, with just changing JSON config files.

How does it do?

It creates alot of json config files. One file for each HTML form and table, and a few more json files to describe your DB tables and columns. By changing these files, you can change the way your forms and tables looks like, what elements thay have and how they act.

Is this an API, DB and ORM too?

NO. It does have some files to describe your DB, but its main focus is representing HTML TABLES and HTML FORMS. Because this framework does need an API in background, there is an API service too, built on REST principles. So you can use this API for some other actions, on some other pages you create, without any HTML form or HTML table that this framework offers.

Please watch this short 5-minute video to get a feeling of what this framework can do.

Presentation of some complex changes.

LETS RECAP, with one click on button CREATE => each mySQL table gets:

AFTER that, you can:

OTHER OPTIONS, not shown in these videos:


There are many plans for this framework in the future:


Not at the moment, except to hire me for background part of your projects. The more projects i built, more options will be added. And at some point when i finish DOCS and DOWNLOAD section, i can concentrate on other FUTURE plans.

Sorry. There are still no available documentation for this framework. I am working on it. If you need any help please write to: bojan.pejkovic@gmail.com

Move along, nothing to see here.


This framework is still in working phase. It works without bugs, but download section for public use will be available after i sort the code and finish docs.

One installation starts from 349e. It usualy requires 1 or 2 days for setup (if you know exectly what you want), to 3 days with trying different things to setup everything.

Each day of extra work after 3rd day is 129e.

email: bojan.pejkovic@gmail.com
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